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No specific info about version 10.0. Please visit the main page of Adobe Flash Player Standalone on Software Informer.

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    Guest 5 hours ago

    Dear Adobe Support Staff,
    I am being pestered constantly by a popup that is asking me to Allow installation of :
    Name : Adobe Flushruntime
    Publisher : Adobe Systems Incorporated
    I keep indicating "Don't Allow" or X (Cancel) but the popup insists on showing up.
    I already have and use FlashPlayer and I have no need for another one.
    But the way, your "Allow" button option is no working. I am using I.E. 9.
    I would appreciate the suggestion of a solution to get rid of the popup.
    George Demetriades
    gdemetriades at sympatico dot ca

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    Guest 5 months ago

    This is rubbish software which creates problems in my Google search. And I don't want it more.

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    ushan kavinda 6 months ago

    Is this working on touchscreens?

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